A few of my favourite fonts

7 Jul

I have to put this out there. I have been a font freak since I was small! I love fonts and a new download always makes me super happy and excited! When I was a teenager, I used to be the editor of our school newspaper and my dad downloaded some pretty rad fonts for me! Back then I was SO into Jules Girl Talk because her capital letters made the coolest doodles! And I also loved using Curlz and (dare I say it) Comic Sans!

This love has only deepened when I studied fashion design and being a graphic designer now, my whole life revolves around fonts! Could I have asked for more? I get to work with the most amazing fonts, with the likes of Carolyna and Peony and Bombshell! All of which are unfortunately not free 😦

But don’t fret about that, there are still a whole bunch of amazing free fonts online! I have only named but a few of my faves, and there are LOADS more to choose from!!! Fonts give you freedom of expression. They give you the ability to make more than just a statement. They can set the tone of whatever you want to convey.They can even serve as inspiration! Fonts always inspire me! Today they inspired me to blog about it 😉


My beautiful working space

8 May

Today I am taking you into a place that is very very close to my heart : my studio! This is my nest, my den, my refuge and my little cocoon. I hide here and I think here..I dream in here! This is where ideas are born, where art and design manifests! Yes, this is where inspiration gets born! Where things are created. Where beautiful plans are made. And I get to work in my den everyday! So very very blessed! Enjoy the pictures I have taken of my studio and may they inspire you too!!!



I am in love with white wash blinds!


Glass jars filled with lace and things I use to make other things!



3D Pinterest – right in front of me everyday!



My Bow Peep earrings’ packaging was so gorgeous-it deserved a spot on my pinboard!



My beautiful Big Mac!



So into Petersham Ribbon right now!



Got this gorgeous clock from Pep Stores! They have tons of other pretty ones! Love striking bargains like these!


*sigh* TYPO!!!


My awesome book collection from other creative arty peeps such as myself! I love my collection! In my distant future I am seeing an entire bookshelf full of books like these!


{My jewels }


My neat collection of my fave magazine!! Full of inspiration for new ideas!


Another neat book collection-and the mosaic cross was made by my sister in law! Handmade gifts are always so special!


Some good-reads!


My awesome diary this year *

There you go! A gorgeous glimpse into my daily life! Life is gorgeous! God is gorgeous! This little space of mine is nothing more than a blessing!! And I am forever thankful for His grace!

Old Khaki LOVE ♥

6 May

I need to freak out a little when I am going to share with you the awesome little shop I discovered this past weekend!! Sure I’ve been in there once or twice before, but with friends! And I wasn’t really looking! But this time I did, and you need to hold on to your seats if you haven’t discovered it yet! Its amazing!!

Its an experience! The store, the dressing rooms, the feel of the clothing, the airy aroma of the one or two leather jacket styles on the shelves mixed with soft scents of cotton and wood, I fell head over heals for Old khaki! And all the items on their shelves screamed out my name!! Now this is my kinda store!!

Have a look at these hot items I found there that are so worth mentioning! I think this is a great outfit for this weather we’ve been having! {Hot cold hot cold hot cold, such a typical rollercoaster of weather patterns that is so true to Cape Town}

But stay tuned, coz when the winter is officially here, then I am going to bombard you with posts of the amazing winter styles they have mixed with some other finds!!

Blog old khaki






6.   KATEY SHOE (LADIES) : R199.00

Maternity Madness

30 Apr

I am a dog person. In fact, I am quite a big dog person! I love’em to death. But when it comes to babies – erm – i think I am still getting there.

When I was approached by Grethe to do styling and make-up and hair for a maternity shoot, I immediately thought nooooo! Pinterest was heading at 5000km/h through my brain and I saw baby blocks and ABC and corny heartshaped hands on mommy’s tum, and I wanted to lock myself out from the world forever!

But then Grethe said to me, “Yolandi! You know me better than that! This one will be different! The couple is amazing and all they really want is art, nothing corny about it!” When she told me a little bit more I got so excitied about it! I am an artist and this is what I do best!

The shoot was on sunday and you wouldn’t believe how amazing it was! They wanted art and, heck yeah, we gave’em art!



We are in love with the pictures! If you want some art in your life, head over to our pages and give’em a like!

Grethe Rosseaux is the photographer.

And my page is right here!

Feast your eyes and show some support!

We are awesome!

My life in the fast lane

3 Apr

My life suddenly seems to have shifted into the fast lane. I have been praying long and hard for this, so there is no way I am gonna complain about my sleep deprived state, or the fact that I haven’t had time to clean the house, or the fact that I have so much work to do, I barely have time to make stock for the market we are doing this weekend. But as my wise friend always says: ‘ if you want something done, give it to a busy person’.

I have made some lovely resin flower earrings for the market. I’ve added a photo for your eyes to feast on.


Also, I have been quite the supportive wife while my husband was away the week before to ride the ABSA Cape Epic. I was standing at the finish line with my camera on ‘Tv’ hoping to get that perfect shot…and I did! So proud that he has finished it!


Yeah! Thats him!!

Somewhere inbetween all of this I have also baked a Princess Barbie cake!! I am quite proud of this masterpiece!


By the way, did you know that you actually get a doll dress baking tin? Makes it so much easier to get the shape right! You just pop the doll in afterwards and start icing it! Had the time of my life!

Finally, I guess I should probably tell you what has been taking up so much of my time! I have landed a great freelancing job and all I do all day is retouch images all day for a very big retail brand! I love it so much…and who knows…maybe one day I will share some of my work with you 🙂

Until then, please forgive me if I’m quiet…

High Tea DIY #4

4 Mar

Blueberry frozen yoghurt!


This recipe I found a week before my party in my favorite magazine! Had so much fun making it!

Makes: 8-10
Preparation time: 15 minutes, plus chilling and freezing time
Cooking time: 10 minutes

• 50ml sugar
• 150g blueberries
• 1kg tub plain yoghurt

1 Heat the sugar and 50ml water in a small saucepan. Stir until the sugar has dissolved. Add the blueberries and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes until the syrup has thickened. Set aside to cool then refrigerate for 30 minutes. Place the moulds in the fridge too. (We used metal moulds and small yoghurt containers.)

2 Pour the yoghurt into an ice cream machine and churn until thick and almost frozen. If you don’t have a machine, pour the yoghurt into a shallow container and freeze for 30 minutes. Use a fork to break up the ice crystals. Repeat two or three times.

3 Spoon some of the blueberries into the moulds, top with a layer of yoghurt, then add more blueberries. Continue layering until the moulds are filled. Set in the freezer for 15 minutes.

4 Press spoons or ice cream sticks into the centre. Freeze for 6 hours or overnight until frozen solid. To remove from the moulds, hold in boiling water for three seconds and pull out by the spoon or stick.

We did freeze them, but discovered that they are just as nice to eat unfrozen 🙂

High Tea DIY #3

1 Mar

Create your own tags in Photoshop

These gorgeous labels here were created by my amazing friend, Elizabeth, who is teaching me so much about designing and outside the box thinking. She has her own cutesy little blog with all her gorgeous illustrations..maybe one day she will have a blog for her designs too, but Illustration is her biggest dream at this point in time.


This tutorial will be for those who already know the basics of photoshop. Before we start, make sure you go to dafont.com and also to brusheezy.com and download all the pretty fonts and brushes your heart desires!

Now go to Photoshop. Its not too complicated. All you do is open an A6 Postcard shape document.

Picture 2

If you want it in landscape you can go to the drop menu : Image>Image Rotation>90° CW or 90° CCW

Picture 3

Make a new layer with the general color you want your tag to be. Bring its opacity down to about 55% . You can change this later.

Picture 5

Now you go online and pick for yourself a pretty photoshop texture. Drop it into your photoshop document (it will automatically make a third layer). Put this layer on the SOFT LIGHT blending mode.

Picture 6

Use any photoshop brush you like to create borders on the edges of the card. I used round brushes, but you can use any shape! Do this on a new layer and in a different but complimentary color that would still enhance the design. {For a different effect, you can play around with the blending modes, mine is on Soft Light}

Picture 9

Use the text tool to write a sweet poem or gesture. Then pick another photoshop brush with a cutesy picture to round off the card. Do these on new layers too:

Picture 12

And here is your final product! You can now tweak the different layers and adjust what you want to change. Play around with blending modes and opacities until you are happy with your final product!

Print on a thicker paper and round the corners with a corner cutter .

Picture 10

Put one on every friend’s saucer at you tea party, and for an even more special touch, you can make individual cards with each friend’s name on it. Works great to indicate who sits where!